Fully computerised BANK Branch at  GPO COMPOUND,  DELHI . PHONE NO. of DELHI BRANCH is 011-23864650.  Member Can deposit their amount in any nearest branch of  the TWO Banks A/c  as given 1. SBI A/C NO. :  30513873107  2.  HDFC :  01310380000016  in the BANK A/C i.e. BENEFICIARY NAME as " THE POSTAL AND RMS EMPLOYEES COOPERATIVE BANK LTD." and Sent the Copy of Pay-in-Slip to the BANK (DETAILS are GIVEN IN ABOUT US OPTIONS ). Bank has revised rate of interest on deposit w.e.f. 18.02.2013. Offered 0.50% Extra Interest for Senior Citizens. Chairman: Shri Manjit Singh, Phone: +91-9416269425, 0171-2600716. Senior Manager: Shri Ashwani Aggarwal, Phone: +91-9466137456, 2600749. Manager: Shri Sanjay Kumar Jain, Phone: +91-9466136458.

We are having over 15,000 members from Department of Post consisting of 6 States from J&K to Delhi

Any Indian Citizen can become depositor of Bank and avail Higher Rate of interest on their deposit and other facilities with minimum time.